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CHIGOZIE(God bless)

This drawing despists, the ancient igkos of early 80s in Nigeria, it's a total definition of what Gods blessings is all about! The ancient Igbo man believed so much in farming and they see their gods as the only reason behind them yielding a successful harvest at the end of each season, with a smile on their face showing that the lord has really blessed them with healthy crops and tubers of yam! That's why they say CHIGOZIE at the end of each harvest which means God blessed!! Moreover this work describes how Gods blessing affects or changes our situation for good, that we should always put our trust in the God and he will surely turn our situation around to better! This drawing speaks out also for everyone who is seeking for something, maybe a bountiful harvest, should trust in the God just like the ancient Nigerian Igbo man and believe that at the end he will also be amongst the people who will say "CHIGOZIE"

120.0" x 100.0" x 0.0"
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