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Lava Rock 1 - By Mary Ann Leff

Mary Ann Leff is interested in the interaction between creation and destruction, noticing how aging, change and the loss of what was can reveal more possibility, new subtlety and new beauty. The vibrant color that dominated her work for many years has receded in importance and it is texture and complexity that seem more meaningful and compelling. The mixed media pieces are built up, layer, after layer with acrylic, latex, graphite, wax and oil. Some of them began as rubbings taken from older, very highly textured paintings. This makes them, literally, products of the past. The use of silver paint dyes is also multi-layered, mirror-like, coming from, symbolizing, allowing for, and evoking, introspection and self-examination.

18.0" x 10.0" x 0.0" 0.0 lbs
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8 ft