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Farmscape - By Andrew Faulkner

PAINTING THAT DEFINES PLACE With a focus on abstract landscapes and architectural interiors, my art is influenced by my Northern California surroundings. Born into a family of artists, designers, and architects, my paintings fuse the structural sensibilities of my architect father and color sense of my interior designer mother. I studied painting at Trinity College with colorist George Chapman who was a student of Joseph Albers. I am also the founder and creative director of Afstudio Design, a graphic design firm based in San Rafael, CA. USING NEW TOOLS FOR CREATIVE EXPRESSION For my digital paintings, my process often begins with cruddy photos taken on an iPhone that I import into a digital drawing program (Artrage Deluxe) where I push the limits of cutting-edge creative software. By using a pressure-sensitive stylus and a Wacom tablet, I can get very realistic brush work. Ultimately, I combine the digital with the traditional and complete the work output to paper, wood or canvas. WORKING IN WITH ACRYLIC AND MIXED MEDIA For my acrylic/mixed media work, I often use a digital painting that I’ve made and used it as a starting point for a larger piece painted on canvas or wood. “I believe the results are more important than the tools used to create them. I take enormous inspiration from artists like David Hockney who move fluidly from one medium to another, and embrace digital tools to create the effects he wants.” My work is represented by Studio E Partners in Washington D.C. and has been exhibited at The Fairfax Hotel on Embassy Row in Washington, as well as The Tiburon Town Hall and the Peter Michael Foundation in Sausalito. My illustrations have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and Marin Magazine.

60.0" x 48.0" x 0.0" 5.0 lbs
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