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An emotionless soul

An emotionless soul Her soul is hurting, hurting like never before trying to understand the purpose of being an emotionless soul.... Deep inside it seems emotionless there is nothing.. nothing like a blank white paper__no! It's black..A black plain surface where everything is dark except the remaining pieces of her unvaluable soul ....she is unable to express how it feels ....she is trying to understand "why".... The answer is "you". It's you..your mentality,how you treated her,how you want her to be,how you judged her... She is tired of trying to be a Normal person in your a machine who is supposed to do all your favours..who is not supposed to express herself,her pain,her body,her thoughts... You want her to be"not herself"... Look.... She is bleeding,her heart is broken...look what your dominant mentality leads to...she can't able to feel anything anymore...she is just a "smiling pretty face hanging on the wall"for you... The way you looked at her..the passion is faded... You can't hurt her anymore! It's can't... anymore... She is free now from every bond you've attached to her... She faded away whispering, "It feels good to be an emotionless soul"

11.0" x 16.5" x 0.1" 1.0 lbs 10.0 oz
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Anna Rajasekharan
Padanthalumoodu, Meenachal, Padanthalumoodu, Tamil Nadu 629153, India
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