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Solid arbutus bed frame

arbustus logs hand carved down. 8 inchscews at joints with glue. sanded down to 220 grit. will put up more pictures once attached to frame. heavy and solid both frame and head and foot boards. frame is made of for boards that have no supports so they sage into the cross bracing. this alows it to be soft even with thin mattress on it. kinda like a box spring without one.built in 3 peices combine to around 400 lbs. so solid will exist for hundred years or more.finished by oil and finishing wax. cost to make around 1200 in supplies + 250 to 300 hours of labour.

63.0" x 47.0" x 80.0" 400.0 lbs 0.0 oz
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Dagan Briggs 5 months ago

this is a heavy and near invincible bed. no supports or box spring needed. boards sag and belts hold you up giving natural box spring. treated with oils and wax to perfection. over 60 hrs of sanding

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